Common Pain Points

  • Rapid data sprawl causing continuous cycle of capacity forecasting & planning

  • Siloed storage infrastructures resulting in complex data provisioning & management
  • Forklift upgrades and technology refresh consuming lean IT budgets & resources

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Closing The Data Storage Gap

About Exablox

Exablox, a 2014 Gartner Cool Vendor, has reimagined storage with our innovative and award-winning storage solution that the InfoWorld Test Center raved is “a storage admin’s dream.” As one of the fastest growing storage vendors in the industry, learn why hundreds of companies in health care, technology, Fortune 500, along with major universities and government organizations have adopted Exablox’s groundbreaking scale-out file-on-object storage technology. Learn more at www.exablox.com


"Managing various storage islands is a challenge. Backup is a perennial problem.We keep everything.We have ever-increasing demands (for storage) without an ever-increasing budget."
IT Pros Conversation, 451 Research
Over 200 businesses and institutions rely on Exablox to store petabytes of vital data. 



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